VIMAR Switches Cover Plate (Made in Italy)

kitchen , Interior Design , renovation


VIMAR products are designed and manufactured in Italy. Amongst the most vibrant PLANA series, a wide selection of cover plates and illuminated devices provide the perfect complement for any decoration. Technical specifications comply with safety requirements locally and internationally. Durable material and quality workmanship add bright accents for every home.

Made In Italy:
VIMAR's PLANA series was designed by the renowned architect Ms. Branka Knezevic. Through design innovation and materials with excellent feel, the company hold an enviable reputation. Its sales network cover more than 100 countries around the world.

Vibrant Cover Plates & Delicate Design:
The cover plate is available in a variety of colour options. You can also select an elegant symbol to the function key. The backlight option is available in Blue, Red, Green or Agate to provide high-quality illumination for comfortable anti glare viewing at night.

Highest level of reliability and Flexibility:
VIMAR's products and accessories comply with Hong Kong and international electrical safety standards. There are more than 400 types of modular function keys which can be flexibly combined according to your requirements.

Green Attitude:
The production process of VIMAR's products strictly prohibit the use of reground resins and metal waste as raw materials. VIMAR’s water-based colour and UV-curable coatings reduce harmful emissions and pollution.


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