Kitchen Design

Kitchen / Cupboard Design

Highlighting ‘distinction and durability,’ LA ATELIER kitchen bring together the Italian design high-tech tempered glass finish and aluminium alloy inner cage.  The cabinet shows a number of features. The slide rail and accessory fittings imported from Australia and the wooden panels are flame retardant, stain and moisture resistant. Combining years of experiences, we offer amazing styles for the ultimate culinary journey. 


Kitchen Concept of Design

LA ATELIER kitchen focus on innovative ‘user-centered' modular design. The tailor-made layout and ergonomic design caters to various space and storage needs.


Storage Zone Wide cabinet space makes storage placement more convenient for daily groceries, snacks and canned food, etc. 
Kitchenware & Utensils Zone Built-in soft close drawer slide / available in electric or manual operation. Cutlery tray with built-in dividers makes organising easy.
Washing Area Sinks, faucets, bacteria resistant stone countertops, waste bins and water filters ensure hygiene standard. Cleaning products storage beneath.
Food Preparation Zone To streamline food preparation; (Chopping boards, cutlery, dish washer, wine & seasonings, etc) zone ideally placed near washing area. 
Cooking / Baking Area The smart cooktop automatically adjusts power according to stove surface temperature. The intelligent range hood effectively reduces cooking fumes. Various cooking utensils, pots and kitchen appliances, etc., can also be placed here.

Layout & Features

Make home cooking fun with a sleek, modern look kitchen. Emphasising work flow and convenience, cabinetry components comply with safety and environmental regulations. Handy storage with chic’ look delivers exceptional craft; surpassing customer expectations.  

LA ATELIER Kitchen Features

  • Finely polished frame surface with engraved logo shows highest quality rating.
  • Advanced aluminium cross bar strengthens bench top with weight bearing support. Built-in vent holes support inner air circulation cleanliness.
  • Drawer handle - configured with slip resistant feature.
  • Slow speed soft close door achieves silent operation. Swing door is equipped with the groove to prevent droplet from falling into the cabinet.
  • The high-density aluminium door frame is long-lasting with nil heat stress deformity.

  • The adopted BLUM rails and accessories kitchen system, (imported from Austria) together with OSLASA (Spanish brand) 'high-end' door hinges, features extreme durability.
  • Heavy duty soft close slide provides 30kg and 60kg load-bearing options meet demanding storage needs of large families.

  • In response to humidity issues, kitchen cabinet panels in our kitchens meet high durability 'moisture' resistant standards.
  • All kitchens adopt E1 waterproof core panels.
  • As distinct from Particle Board average density of 300-400g, our E1 Core Board rating 600g.
  • E1 Core board meets international standards. Formaldehyde emission of less than 1.5mg alleviates health concerns.
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Free renovation consultation