Customise our distinct yet practical wardrobe designs with a range of accessories. Side mirrors, drawer organizers & dividers, clothes rails, pull baskets, sensor lights and electric sliding doors etc. Walk-in closets cater to larger needs by providing an extra space feature of home design as a dress room.

Functional Accessories

Adding accessories to a regular wardrobe (integrated TV, electric sliding door, mirror, partition drawer, cloth rail, pull basket and LED light strips) delivers functional convenience.

Wardrobes with Glass Doors

Contemporary wardrobe design with smooth uncomplicated lines. Tempered glass door and adjustable shelves with ‘light-strip’ garment display; adds a touch of glamour.

Walk-in Closet

This exclusive dressing space is designed for greater storage capacity. Additional functions might include makeup table or decorative display area etc. A walk-in wardrobe can be customised to your particular needs and revitalise your dressing experience.

Open Closet Storage

Customise an open closet to perfectly suit your needs. Shelves, clothes rack, drawers and height adjustable post helps utilise space from floor to ceiling.

Premium Wardrobe Options

In addition to conventional storage function, upgrade options are available to make life more convenient!