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One-Stop Home Design and Decorative Service

CENTRO has a highly experienced team (ELITE HOUSE) that provide interior design, renovation & construction services. Project supervisor monitors progress of each project through to completion.  Our professional team hold Government-recognised qualifications for electrical license, safety cards, Minor Works Contractor permits and regularly conduct government sponsored safety training for employees. We provide customers with comprehensive interior design, home decoration, project construction and maintenance services for an engaging one-stop experience.


Regardless of customer wishes to conduct their own full home remodelling, partial renovation, space planning, home improvement, interior decoration, etc., CENTRO now offers 'Free Initial Consultation'. Customers simply make an online appointment and our senior consultant will follow-up with a meeting. Together with furniture and kitchen designers, the consultant will showcase our project references, floor plans, etc., for an enlightening one-stop experience.  

Free Initial Consulting Service

Whether you need home furnishing, interior design and renovation, we welcome a simple registration on the appointment page. Upon booking, the senior consultant will contact you within five working days for follow-up discussions.  


Consultants will recommend the best interior design ideas, decorative materials, furniture layout and floor plans. The designers explain the concept in detail and create drawings upon customer confirmation.


Feature wall design, lighting effect, floorboard, kitchen cupboard, bathroom design, colour matching styles, etc. If customers request tailor-made furniture, designers will participate in discussions and cooperate with the project.  


For each job a dedicated project designer is responsible for the overall layout. Floor plan, electrical diagram, ceiling plan, colour schemes, interior rendering, etc. Our administrative department also follows the project, liaises with customers and reports on the current progress.

If you are interested in our home furnishing, interior design and renovation, simply register online for an appointment. Upon booking, the senior consultant will contact you within five working days for follow-up discussions. On the initial call we form a basic assessment of your needs. Then visit our Design Gallery for further discussions and participation with the project.

Customers can visit our spacious 10,000sqf design gallery in Tsuen Wan. Showcasing a vast range of design scenarios, our senior consultant will provide interior design references, floor plans and quotations etc. Upon agreement, our survey officer will arrange site measurement and designer will plan the preliminary floor proposal, furniture layout, ceiling and electrical diagrams. A 3D rendering presentation offers customers a broad preview.

CENTRO Design Gallery has more than 10,000sqf of concept design, styles and planning in living room, dining room, kitchen, platform bed bedroom, walk-in closet and children's room, etc. Renowned bespoke Italian style furniture, our Dada sofa OWELLMAT mattress, transformable furniture storage cabinet with retractable dining table, multifunctional dressing table, expandable cabinet table and multi-functional single bed with storage etc. The design gallery has a sample room of high-quality ceramic tiles, fabrics, veneer finishes, leather, wallpaper and hardware accessories. Electric sliding door, built-in TV, full extension drawer and wardrobe light. Save time selecting renovation materials with our convenient 'one-stop shop for everything’ interiors!

CENTRO's construction team are well-versed in renovation. With thirty years experience in the industry we provide excellent quality craftsmanship to meet client expectations.

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Free renovation consultation
Free renovation consultation