Project Showcase - The Pavilia Bay

The Pavilia Bay

District Tsuen Wan
Layout 4 Bedroom
Size(sqf) 1,356
Project description Interior design, Custom-made furniture, Renovation project

The Pavilia Bay Interior Design and Bespoke Furniture Showcase



With an innovative outlook amongst unique coastal architecture, 'The Pavilia Bay’ blends exotically into the appearance of a super yacht! 




Minimalist approach highlights owner's taste. Using warm greys and earth-toned colours, the inviting architectural space emanates elegant appeal. Fine wallpaper and texture depth creates a visual richness of a balanced ideal home. The spacious dining room is equipped with a light-weight full size slate dining table, display cabinets, large sofa, TV cabinet and coffee table. The corridor features light troughs to project mood lighting.


The arc-shaped master room utilises a beautiful partition to separate the reading area and bedroom. Taking aesthetics and function into account, It creates a clever and ingenious concept. The bedroom is equipped with high cabinets, display shelves and bookcases. The multipurpose design can be used as a workstation or study area.

Free renovation consultation
Free renovation consultation