Project Showcase - Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores

District Other
Layout 3 Bedroom
Size(sqf) 674
Project description Interior design, custom furniture, renovation projects

Ocean Shores Interior Design and Bespoke Furniture Showcase


Joy in Simplicity


Elegantly reimagined apartment with minimalist aesthetics. Displaying a feeling of understated ambiance, the harmonious open living area is layered with a television console, sideboard, and wall bookcase.


Featuring a pleasing interplay of light and dark hues, the kitchen is adorned with an array of sturdy glass cabinets. Robust, durable, and ensured by an aluminium alloy frame, the cabinets give an air of sophistication. And to make cooking a breeze, the kitchen is equipped with a range of user-friendly appliances.


The master bedroom with hydraulic bed, large wardrobe, light wood grain elements and geometric lines radiate a sense of calm.


The study utilises the windowsill for a desk and the midsize cabinet at the rear provides ample storage.


The spacious bathroom includes mirror cabinets, a separate cubicle and washing machine.

Free renovation consultation
Free renovation consultation