format_quote During the whole process, the working team is very much coordinated with each other. All of them are great professionals and they are not merely catering to the needs of customers but also a very good listener. Whenever there is a problem, it draws their full attention and give immediate response. Their dedicated to work should highly be praised. Besides, their attitude is kind, friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. We are very proud to have such a comfortable and beautiful home from this wonderful team.

May we take this opportunity to give special thanks to designer and salesman Messrs. Carson Cheung and Wilson Tsang respectively as well as the whole working team leader Mr. Kong. Furthermore, we also wish your company a prosperous future and win tremendous “like” in your professional field. We are sure Centro Furniture really deserves our genuine remarks.
Ms. Linda Ma (Shatin)
format_quote 感謝大家的付出與努力,能夠得到客人給予高度的評價,實在是大家的榮譽,盼望能夠帶給團隊多一點支持,贏取更多的評價,謝謝!

銷售人員馬小姐當天的介紹得好也老實。設計師有用心! 2.流程時間清楚,單據清楚及能在預期內起貨。 3.送貨人員有小心沒損壞傢俬意識高,安裝人員也熟練有禮貌,有將垃圾掉好。 4.收口人員做事細心、做到很晚都沒有不高興、態度好!